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Biking Dutchman Mountain

Biking Tours

Biking Dutchman is the premier biking agency in Ecuador and pioneered mountain biking in the country in 1991. We invite you to join us on a tour through the spectacular countryside that makes Ecuador a biker’s paradise. Biking Dutchman has been providing memorable vacations for cyclist of all abilities for over two decades.

To reserve your spot, please fill out the reservation form. To confirm your reservation, make a deposit via Paypal. If you don’t see the dates you would like to travel in the calendar, please contact us filling out this form.


Adventures Designed for Family Fun

Mountain biking is a great source of fun and exercise. We design these trips for families and for people who want to explore the beautiful Andes in an eco-friendly and active way.  The difficulty of every tour is increased by the speed each rider decides to ride with. We want you to enjoy and be safe, but we also understand if you want to have some fun. Support vehicles are always behind the riders, so if at some point you don’t feel comfortable, just hop on the truck and wait until you want to start biking again.


Recommended 3-Day Trip!

Discover the Ecuadorean Andes in a breath-taking trip to Cotopaxi, Quilotoa, and Chimborazo, in a three-day mountain biking tour. Descend Cotopaxi on your first day, travel to the most beautiful lake in Ecuador on your second, and go to the closest point on earth to the sun on the third. On top of the natural beauty, you will also have the chance to mingle and share time with Andean Indigenous communities. Llamas, Vicunas, and possibly Condors will be our high altitude companions throughout this adventure. This tour has it all.


We are the Pioneers.

The company is based in Quito, Ecuador just a short drive from the Avenue of the Volcanoes, in the heart of the Andes. We were the first to start with the concept of mountain biking tourism in Ecuador and we have not steered away from course. Every year we innovate in order to improve. After 28 years we think we have what it takes to offer you unparalleled fun and beauty.  Don’t think this is a trip for bike-lovers only, our main motivation is for you to explore the country from a eco-friendly and sustainable perspective.