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It has been over a year since Cotopaxi erupted, and since then, the threat level has decreased significantly. We are now returning to normal daily activities in the park! Even though we still cannot drive to the Refuge Parking lot at 4500 meters, we are allowed to move relatively freely inside the park. The beauty of the National Park is intact. Check availabilities and our options in our ONE DAY TOURS


Biking Dutchman is the premier biking agency in Ecuador and pioneered mountain biking in the country in 1991. We invite you to join us on a tour through the spectacular countryside that makes Ecuador a biker’s paradise. Biking Dutchman has been providing memorable vacations for cyclist of all abilities for over two decades.

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Mountain biking is a great source of fun and exercise for people of all ages and abilities, but like any activity, there are different levels of difficulty and fitness. These range from novice or inexperienced, tours that can be managed by anyone, to advanced or very experienced, reserved only for truly experienced riders. We want to make sure that the trip you choose is the one that’s best for you, the one that you will enjoy the most, and so we have rated each of our tours, both physically and technically. Please refer to our Skill & Fitness Ratings page for detailed information.

3-Day Trip!

antisanaDiscover the Ecuadorean Andes in a heart-racing trip to Antisana, Quilotoa, and Chimborazo, in a three-day mountain biking trip. Descend Antisana on your first day, an awesome volcano and one of the best-preserved areas in Ecuador. Bike on a volcanic-ash dirt road through a world-class paramo landscape where seeing a Condor is jut part of the adventure! Sleep on the shores of Quilotoa during your second day, a deep turquoise-colored crater Lake where you can enjoy a meal alongside the local indigenous community. During your final day, experience the adrenaline of descending a 6310-meter mountain as you wind down Chimborazo, the highest mountain in Ecuador and the closest point to the sun on this Earth! See More…

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About Biking Dutchman

foto_web_3 The company is based in Quito, Ecuador just a short drive from the Avenue of the Volcanoes, in the heart of the Andes mountains. From here cyclists have access to a huge diversity of rides ranging from snow-capped, active volcanoes, exhilarating paramo, cloud forest, and jungle paths. Our trails cross hundreds of miles, most completely free of traffic, on unpaved roads and tracks. Of course, the great heights of the mountains make up-hill rides difficult at times. Consequently, we offer our clients the option of cycling tours with little or no uphill riding. Our trusty support vehicles will do the donkey work and get you to the top . . . unless of course you enjoy the uphill excitement! That’s the great bonus about Biking Dutchman trips: no sore legs, no cleaning dirty bikes, and no need to mend roadside punctures. Our experienced, friendly guides will show you the way and take care of all the details. Our tours are sure to please bikers of all ages and levels of experience, from the most seasoned veteran with an adventurous spirit to those new to mountain biking looking for a pleasant, novel way to take in the wondrous beauty of Ecuador. We specialize in mountain biking to ensure the best results.

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